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UN Global Compact 10th Principle & Corporate Sector Engagement
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Director General's Welcome

Welcome to the Center for the Globally Responsible Leaders!

University of Management and Technology (UMT) joined the European initiative in 2004 to work together with senior representatives from companies, business schools and centers of leadership learning to form a unique working partnership, the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI).

Mohammad Nazim
Director General, CGRL
The focus and consensus that emerged, out of a series of meetings, highlighted the importance of developing the fundamental understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and the greater requirement of placing decision making and management practices in a global context. A special class of global leadership was, therefore, felt to be the need which could exercise ethical and value-based practices for such an undertaking. To give it a practical shape the group identified four key challenges which this initiative will undertake, now and in the future, to transform our leadership to globally responsible leadership:
  1. They should think and act in a global context.
  2. They should broaden their corporate purpose to reflect accountability to society around the globe.
  3. They should put ethics at the centre of their thoughts, words and deeds.
  4. They - and all business schools and centers for leadership learning - should transform their business education to give corporate global responsibility the centrality it deserves.
Business schools and centers for leadership learning, therefore, have a pivotal role to play in this regard. First, they will have to make global responsibility their responsibility and commit themselves to initiate the change by inspiring, involving, influencing, and interconnecting with internal and external stakeholders. Second, they will have to integrate corporate global responsibility issues in the business school curriculum; and last but not least, try out innovative approaches to develop attributes and behaviors (such as integrity, empathy, compassion, dialogue and self-awareness) required of the globally responsible business leader.
In response to this initiative, CGRL is being established which will be a center of policy dialogue, education and partnership dedicated to achieving its objectives with the support of GRLI, European Foundation for Management Development, and the United Nations Global Compact. It will offer facilitation and engagement through several mechanisms to forge commitment by the government, business organizations, universities, R&D organizations, and the public in Pakistan. Programs will be developed to understand the factors that determine the importance of the global corporate citizenship initiative and to explore opportunities connected with exhibiting the social legitimacy of business and markets.
Backed by a big resource pool of academicians and research scholars from the UMT, the Center will enter into a meaningful collaboration and cooperation with other business schools, corporations, multilateral agencies and leadership institutes to become the primary forum for preparing students to become responsible leaders of our global society.
I invite you to explore our website, join the network, and support our efforts to create a safe and sustainable world for tomorrow.
The Center for Globally Responsible Leaders