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UN Global Compact 10th Principle & Corporate Sector Engagement
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The idea CGRL proposes is to take leaders —in making— who are currently in the process of being transformed into a leader from a novice. The main workforce of CGRL is young students who have capabilities to bring on change in themselves and others, for maximum productivity and to prove themselves as excellent global citizens/leaders.

There are certain heads under which members will be categorized;
1. Student Members
Student members are the main workforce and the change-makers who infiltrate all barriers and create an awareness and sense of responsibility among the related bodies.
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2. Business Schools
Business schools as members are the guiding force which guides the incredible strength of student members. Their responsibility is to work with corporate members and other partners to determine goals; identify the techniques to achieve these goals and provide a medium to the student members to work through. They design courses, workshops, trainings, refreshers’ courses, etc. to keep everybody in vigor, even to the extent, they can start right then.
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3. Corporate members/Partners/Sponsors
Corporate sector members and partners provide practical ground and insight to work on; either they point out their own deficiencies or the system as a whole. The practical knowledge transfers from the corporations to business schools to student members.
This partnership clarifies the objective of accomplishing a task. Since the corporate members are more into the practical world, they can always guide to the right direction and the actual technique to accomplish a task.
Sponsors on the other hand provide financial assistance to complete the tasks; such as arranging workshops and different courses.
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The Center for Globally Responsible Leaders