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UN Global Compact 10th Principle & Corporate Sector Engagement
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Corporate Sector
UN Compact requires;
Make sure that you are not complicit in human rights abuses.
Many business organizations have started acknowledging that, beyond profits, there is a political, social and environmental dimension to their activities that cannot be ignored. Proactively, they are taking actions to “Create economic and societal progress in a globally responsible and sustainable way.”
UN Global Compact facilitates this transformation and participants, as signatories,  can build strategies that make possible the UN Global Compact principles to serve as productive drivers of business performance and value for society.


The Center enables signatories to:

  • identify critical priorities, opportunities and risks;
  • engage key colleagues and external stakeholders;
  • assess performance in integrating the ten principles into business strategies;
  • galvanize action and set goals and targets to support implementation and Communications on Progress.

Join the Center and be a signitory to the UN Global Compact.  


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