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UN Global Compact 10th Principle & Corporate Sector Engagement
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Chairman's Message

The Center is being established in response to the national and international needs to analyze the condition of the environment and develop means to remediate current problems and prevent further deterioration.

The Center will be geared to have a multidisciplinary approach and offer a chance to combine soft and hard core sciences to facilitate study of responses to the issues emanating from within the ten principles of the Global Compact.
Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad
Rector UMT &
Chairman CGRL

This approach will become one of the Center’s greatest assets, enabling it to become a leader by studying its impact in the developing countries, in general, and on Pakistan, in particular.

The Center over a period of time will develop its own research facilities which would be extended to and shared with other universities, international organizations and private business, thereby acting as a conduit for establishing working relationship with government, research institutes, universities & business organizations.

The Center will complement the work done by other organizations working in the area of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption. It will facilitate, and where needed substantiate, providing up-dated relevant information to decision-makers, both in the government and private sectors, to make sound policies and regulations.  The Center will, thus, act as a vital resource for policy and decision-makers when faced with difficult choices on sustainability issues.


Fostering Curriculum and Developing Global Leadership


The Center promotes the initiative to forge links between internal and external stakeholders for integrating corporate social responsibility issues in the business school curriculum and trying out innovative approaches to develop the new generation of Globally Responsible Leaders.

In order to realize its mission, and to advance the work undertaken by the founding members of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), the CGRL focuses:

  • to promote participative and interactive dialogue between the stakeholders in Pakistan and the partners of GRLI, Europe, with the support of European Foundation for Management Development, (EFMD), and the UN Global Compact for undertaking the key challenges faced in pursuing economic and societal progress in a globally responsible and sustainable way;
  • to foster a unique working relationship between the government, industry, universities, and R&D organizations in Pakistan and the global network of companies and learning institutions for initiating change in business education and corporate business practices;
  • to help develop a new breed of globally responsible leaders by bringing together business schools and centers for leadership learning to transform the business education by putting ethics at the centre and placing decision-making and management practices in a global context;
  • to organize activities, like conferences, seminars, modular courses, and specialized programs for people and the policy makers to get a deeper, more critical and practical understanding of the UN Global Compact and the accomplishment of its goals;
  • to review Pakistan’s corporate social responsibility issues and ensure that issues such as poverty alleviation, human rights, the environment and corruption receive appropriate and adequate consideration at all levels of decision-making;
  • to publish analytical reports, research findings, and surveys undertaken by the Center and the GRLI partners throughout the world for keeping the readers update of the initiative and the efforts made to advance the Global Compact mission and principles.
The Center for Globally Responsible Leaders